Just another day in paradise...

I'm a third-year student at Oregon State University studying animal sciences in preparation for vet school, where I will study large animal medicine. I love horses, but I'll be focusing on food animals. Weird, I know. But right now is what's important. Here's me: I play polo! It is just about the coolest sport ever. (And I mean real polo, not water polo.) I like to travel...I've been all over and want to go all over some more. Rodeo is awesome and makes me happy. I write things, some good some bad, books mostly. I am obsessed with TV. I enjoy laughing. Israel is important to me. I love my friends. I absolutely love Oregon. I work hard to figure things out, and I like homework. I have two horses, Luna and Gabriella, and they are my joy.

What else? I am happy. That's all you need to know.